Wild Day in Ethereum Land

Posted by Peter Cresswell on June 12, 2017

Today was a wild day for the crypto currency markets. At this point, swings of $100 USD for Ether are starting to become more common which is bonkers since the price of Ether at “closing” today was about $400 or so. Ether Price

Ethereum is starting to bite into Bitcoin’s market share, both in the financial sense and in the attention space. Even Vladimir Putin seems to be getting interested.

I’ve been a huge believer (and decent ETH holder) in the project since I heard about it a few years back. It’s going to radically change the world (side note; I’ve never said this about other projects before so I’m not some kool aid drinker by heart). Today’s volatility can be gut wrenching to watch in real time and I’ve certainly stepped back from the console on a couple of occasions to avoid motion sickness. But if you ask yourself if Ether will be worth more 5 years from now the answer is certainly a huge “Yes”.

So ignore the daily action. Sit back and hold on. This is just getting started.